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Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine

This book provides students of theology with precise and condensed summaries of the concepts and arguments from the various categories of theology and doctrine. The value of this volume lies mainly as a handy reference that allows readers to organize and integrate the material learned from other textbooks and the classroom.

The Jesus Who Never Lived

Biblical scholar Wayne House uncovers the various depictions of Jesus in the unorthodox communities within early Christianity, in other religions, and within Western civilization today. He shows readers that the Jesus who presented Himself in history can be correctly known only through the documents written by eyewitnesses of the Christ and by those who were disciples of those eyewitnesses, documents that were attested by the early church and became a part of the New Testament canon.

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Reasons for Our Hope: An Introduction to Apologetics

In light of postmodern attacks on the value and even the legitimacy of Christianity, the necessity of an informed and articulate defense of the faith today can hardly be contested. Reasons for Our Hope offers a sophisticated yet accessible guide to "destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and . . . taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ" 

(2 Corinthians 10:5). 


Faithful Preaching

This homiletics guide will teach you a clear and systematic procedure for developing expository sermons for pastors with any level of educational. From studying the passage to delivering the message, House and Garland show ministers how to prepare sermons that accurately and authoritatively preach the message God has given in the Bible.

Apologetics and Christian Evidences

Apologetics―the intellectual defense of the Christian faith―is an important topic at a time when postmodernism, relativism, and religious pluralism are increasingly dominant. Charts of Apologetics and Christian Evidences deals with every aspect of apologetics, from the warrant for apologetics to various methodologies. The authors discuss how to approach specific topics, such as the resurrection. The limitations of rational argument and reasoned proof are also addressed.

Charts of Bible Prophecy

The Roots

Prophecy and Archaeology ? Development of Antichrist Typology ? Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled in Christ ? A Survey of the Second Coming ? The Temple of Israel in Islam? You’ll find all of these topics among the 120 charts in Charts of Bible Prophecy. Dealing with prophecies of the Bible and the doctrines and issues that surround them, this book lays out important information clearly and concisely, furnishing both general Bible readers and specialists in Bible prophecy with the learning advantages of a visual format.

The Role of Women in Ministry

This book examines the "battlefield texts" of this contentious issue. The book also examines the woman's position in first-century society. House argues that women should participate in more areas of ministry than have traditionally been open to them, but he asserts that some governing and teaching roles in the church are reserved for men.

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