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The Center of Human History


Dates : October 16th-26th, 2018

Come with us on an exciting visit to the land of the Bible. You will see where the patriarchs walked and lived, where the kings of Israel built their fortresses, and where prophets proclaimed the words of God to the people of Israel. Most important of all, you will witness the land to which God descended into humanity in the person of Jesus the Messiah. You will visit the hills and valleys, enjoy the lakes and walk the deserts, marvel at the beauty and the desolation of the small land of Israel, the center of human history. 


If you are interested in this special opportunity, you can register and reserve you spot by clicking on the link to our Tour Brochure. We hope to see you there! 

Dr. House has led tours to Israel, Greece, Jordan, Turkey, and other biblical sites for over 20 years. His tours cost considerably less than comparable tours, yet he visits more biblical sites than most. To see if there are any new tours, please visit our current site 

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